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A Stitch in Jewish Time

Begins: 9.3.2011
Ends: 10.3.2011

The many artists in A Stitch in Jewish Time change our conception of materials, form, construction and creative reach. In the realm of conceptual fine art, each is outstanding and leaves an indelible impression that expands our perception of contemporary art and enhances our understanding of Jewish history, experience, and values. Individually, the artists address issues of memory and reflection, interpretations of history and ritual, and links between the past and present. They delve into aspects of the Holocaust, war, patriotism, celebration, prayer, feminism and sexuality, frequently through the inclusion of Biblical texts and sometimes challenging traditional forms. Artists in A Stitch in Jewish Time are both male and female, Jewish and non-Jewish.

The initial concept for the exhibition, curated by their director, Laura Kruger, is from an exhibition at Hebrew Union College (HUC). The show has been enlarged by the addition of photographs.  As we have come to realize, a picture is worth a thousand words, whether woven or photographic, as all visual arts enhance memory. 

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Artist's In This Exhibition

Karen Gillerman-Harel

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