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Needful Things

Begins: 10.4.2012
Ends: 12.3.2012

Vered Gallery opens its new exhibition Needful Things with a Collector's Preview Thursday, October 4th at 5pm. This annual fall group exhibition features new works by Colin Christian, Grant Haffner, Ray Caesar, Adam Handler and Ron Agam as well as special selections by Yayoi Kusama, Will Cotton and Robert Mapplethorpe.

In Gallery II are works by Modern Masters Avery, Picasso, Kline, Gorky, de Kooning, Bearden, Porter, Man Ray, Lawson and many more. These exhibitions will be on display through Monday, December 3rd.


Artist's In This Exhibition

Will Cotton

Yayoi Kusama

Ray Caesar

Adam Handler

Wolf Kahn

Bert Stern

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